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The Ministry of Water and Sanitation top leadership under Mr. Simon Chelugui the Cabinet Secretary, Ms. Winnie Guchu  the Chief Administration Officer  and Mr. Joseph Irungu (CBS) the Principal Secretary are the strategic leaders for water sector reforms (WSR).

Day to day coordination and implementation of the water reforms on behalf of MWS is undertaken through the WSR Project Implementation Unit (PIU) under leadership of the  Eng. S.A.O Alima, the Water Secretary. The WSR PIU members include 9 appointed Government of Kenya officers of the Ministry, an Institutional Development Expert and a Legal  Advisor.  WSR actions implemented by the PIU is supported from the World Bank funded Kenya Water Security and Climate Resilience Project (KWSCRP) that is headed by Eng. Simon Mwangi.

Respective water sector institutions  namely WSTF, Wasreb, NWHSA and WRA have transition committees which comprise of members drawn from the WSI and the WSR PIU.