A series of Inductions on the Water Act, 2016, and other Water Sector reform related issues have commenced with the first Water Sector Institutions officers within the Ministry, to be inducted being from the Water Resources Authority (WRA) between 24th & 25th February this year in Naivasha Kenya.

The next induction will take place on 9th March this year, for the staff from the National Water Harvesting and Storage Authority (NWHSA).

At least Fifty-Seven (57), Senior Staff from the Water Resources Authority (WRA) including the organizations Technical Department Director, Eng. Boniface Mwaniki, Heads of Departments and Sub- Regional Managers countrywide were inducted on the Water Act Water 2016 and other water sector reform issues by the Ministry’s Water Sector Reform- Project Implementation Unit members between 24th and 25th of February this year to enable them better understand, embrace and entrench the ongoing Water Sector reforms in the sector.

The two days induction workshop took place at a Naivasha hotel, and was coordinated by Mr. Daniel Kimani, WSR-PIU Member in charge of staff inductions and was very successful.

Ag. Director of Water, Sanitation and Sewerage department, Eng Fred Marangu officially opened and closed the Workshop on behalf of the Ministry’s WSR-PIU Team leader, Eng. SAO Alima and called on Members of the Ministry’s Water Sector Reform Unit- Project Implementation Unit and Trainers of Trainers TOTs , to ensure that the inductions were successful to ensure that the sector players got the right information for the success of the ongoing Water Sector reforms

Speaking during the official as well as closing sessions, WRA Technical Director Eng. Boniface Mwaniki commended the Ministry for organizing these inductions saying that they will ensure that Water Sectors Institutions are better placed to handle the ongoing Water Sector reforms towards the realization of the constitutional requirement of the right to clean water by all and reiterated WRA’S commitment to protect Water Resources countrywide in order to further grow the sector.

The Water Act, No. 43 of 2016 (Water Act) was assented on 14th September, 2016 and commenced application on 21st April 2017, through Kenya Gazette (L.N 59 & 60).

The government has invested in systematic reforms to put into action legislation to guide the process in the form of the Water Act, 2016.

The Ministry, through the support of the World Bank developed the Water Sector Reform Communication Strategy and Plan 2019-2022.

Addressing the participants during the Workshop, the Ministry’s Head of Public Communication department, who is also the Communication support team leader, Ms Monica A Omoro, said that the “the overall objective of the strategy is to improve water sector communication agenda in a manner that enhances information dissemination, feedback mechanisms, increase goodwill and encourage active stakeholders and citizen participation among others.:

This Communication Strategy has recommended in its implementation matrix, that the staff of the Ministry and its Water sector institutions and other target groups, be inducted on Water Act, 2016 so that they can effectively implement their new mandates for enhanced service delivery in the sector.

The Water Sector Reform Communication Strategy and Plan says one of the of the key messages that must get out to the public is that ‘the reforms currently being undertaken in the water and sanitation sector are intended to bring to effect progressive provisions of the Constitution, particularly the right of access to safe, clean and adequate water for all uses to all Kenyans’.

The inductions Coordinator, Mr Kimani told the participants that “. Inductions Workshop Objectives-:
i. To increase staff knowledge on water sector reforms progress to date, overall reforms process, implementation arrangements, institutional reforms plan.
ii. To equip water sector middle level staff with skills necessary to cascade water sector reforms knowledge to reporting staff for successful legal and institutional reforms.
iii. To enhance WRA staff capacity on the Water Act 2016 – the changes and unbundled mandates of water sector institutions.
iv. To highlight to WRA staff the policy directions in the Water Policy.
v. To share progress and expected roles in the implementation of the Water Sector Reforms communication strategy not limited to WSR portal and newsletters.

During these inductions the participants are being taken through the following presentations. Overview of Water Sector Reforms (achievements to date, process, arrangements, legal timelines, transition-transfer plan, Water Sector Institutional Reforms under WA 2016, WRA Unbundled mandates & implications, Overview of the National Water Policy, Reforms Communication I: Water Sector reforms strategy and its implementation status-content development for the newsletter & WSR portal and timelines, Reforms Communication II: Reforms portal, Micro sites & MWS staff information portal content and lastly Action Plan for next steps- Cascading WSR induction message to other officers”.

The Workshop was attended and facilitated by Mrs Emily Kyalo – Legal Officer for Athi Water Works Development Agency, Ms Janet Olewe – Legal Officer WRA, Mr Fred Nyongesa – Technical Officer, WRA, Ms Monica Omoro – Assistant Director Public Communication officer – WSR-PIU Member, Mr D T Mogusu – WSR-PIU Member-  Ministry, Mr David Bosuben – Ministry, Mr Charles Nyakeri – WSR-PIU Member, Ms Rose Ondenge – WSR-PIU Member, Regina Dennis – WSR-PIU Member, Festus Mutuku – Ministry among others.



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